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When designing your dream home, knowing what architectural style you want is essential in turning your dream home into a reality. From elegant English homes to slick modern residences, the style of your home dictates the overall aesthetic and flow of the property. In this blog, we are going to discuss some prominent architectural styles that are seen all around the country. Shane Rickey Design is led by Shane Rickey, an experienced, award-winning home designer based in Oklahoma. He has helped numerous clients all over the country design their dream homes. Contact Shane today to get started on your journey towards your new home! 

English Home Design 

If you want your home to exude elegance, an English home design could be exactly what you want. English homes typically have steeply pitched roofs and can incorporate cross gables into their architectural design. The front of English homes often features a large chimney, usually made of stone or brick. Doorways can be rounded; often, these homes feature ornate exterior lighting. If you want to design an English-style home, contact Shane Rickey Design today to learn more! 

Modern Home Design 

Modern home designs emphasize clean lines and geometric shapes. Arches and ornate columns or features aren’t found in these homes. Horizontal and vertical lines are focal points in these homes and can starkly contrast the surrounding environment. When entering a modern home, wide-open floor plans and abundant natural light create an airy, functional space. Modern homes utilize a neutral color palette to present a clean slate to work with and avoid any color clashing. Start designing your modern home with Shane today! 

French Home Design 

A French-style home, also called a French provincial home, is constructed of stone, brick, or stucco. These homes have steep rooftops and an abundance of large windows. A lot of the time, these homes feature courtyards, iron gates, and gravel pathways. French homes are known to be charming and can present a cozy and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests. If you can see yourself in a French-style home, contact Shane Rickey Design to start designing your home today! 


Farmhouse Home Design  

This trendy architectural style utilizes reclaimed wood and exposed rustic beams to create a simple and clean design. These homes often have large porches for you and your guests to gather. Sliding barn doors in the interior are usually a staple in any farmhouse design, giving you a quaint and cozy aesthetic. Talk to Shane today to start designing your farmhouse-style home!

Award-Winning Home Designer in Oklahoma

Shane Rickey is an award-winning home designer based in Oklahoma. He has extensive experience working with a wide variety of clients and designing architectural-style homes. Through meticulous planning and open communication, Shane can create the home of your dreams. Contact Shane today at 405-655-8116 or email him at to schedule a complimentary consultation!